Why this celebrity chef is worried about the food supply | Risk Takers

- [Announcer] He's known for feeding people when disaster strikes. - Over here reporting from Barrio Quebradas. Take a look all the people waiting here. Here we help building a kitchen. We're here in Ponce, where we have one of our sandwiches solution production centers.

- [Announcer] Now, celebrity chef Jose Andres is feeding people affected by the coronavirus pandemic. - We are in our way to reach two million meals across America. - [Announcer] Andres and his non-profit World Central Kitchen have started a program to feed vulnerable communities across the country.

- We are in elderly homes. We are distributing food through Uber and Lyft, home by home, when elderly people cannot leave home and they are too ill or too scared to go out. We may be feeding National Guard in New York, or feeding the hospital Mount Sinai in Central Park.

The mayor back there, delivering meals... - [Announcer] Andres is providing those meals by partnering with restaurants that really need the business. - We've been able to put more than 500 restaurants up and running because we get donations, we are able to pay per meal, and every one of those restaurants that they are part of the community, they take care of whatever the needs are.

- [Announcer] The Michelin-star chef popularized tapas in the US, and he owns more than 30 restaurants across the country. - You've had to shut many of your restaurants and furlough the vast majority of your employees, so what has that experience been like for you? - For me, the first five, six weeks we were able to pay everybody salary and benefits took away the anxiety of living in it, and for me that was the most important gift I could be giving to everybody that works with us, with me.

- Do you think your business can ever recover from this? - I'm preparing for the worst, but I'm hoping for the best. If we are one full year into the hole, it's going to be super hard, but eventually things will be better.

I think small business owners, they are beasts of adaptation. We have to adapt. - [Rachel] How concerned are you about food security in America in the coming months? - Without sounding alarmist, what I'm worried is that we don't have a food expert sitting next to the President of the United States in the White House in the same way national security experts take care of potential conflicts.

I don't think we're taking seriously food security. Should we worry? Little bit, because if this goes longer, wow, we may have a food shortage to feed the seven billion people in planet Earth.

So, I'm worried that we don't have somebody actively talking about this and actively close to the powers to be, making sure that this will never be a problem. (buzzing)


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