Probably the best IM-product of the year!

The latest release of Mister Dawud Islam is the one where the

man really wants to give back to the community of newbie Internet


His latest release 'Brown Bear Bargains' is a compilation of all

his products of the past two years, 25 creations, whereof 11 of them

also have the upsell product included, plus another 18 extra releases

of his friends-marketers!

Some of these Internet marketing info products even have buyer resell

rights AND bonus giveaway rights with them, which means you can sell

them as they were your own products or you could even give them away

to build your list!

These products are all of high quality, suited for every level of experience.

In each of them, Mister Dawud threats a different aspect of the Internet

marketing niche, from e-mail marketing over list building to product release,

with \'Brown Bear Bargains\' you won\'t need to buy any other IM-info product

for a very long time.

I truly believe \'Brown Bear Bargains\' is the best-valued IM-product

you can buy right now, as he is only charging 19,95$ for it!

That is not even half a dollar per item, they all sell each on their own for

at least 4,95$ to 97$ if you should buy them separately!

Go check this out now, as I am still giving away a nice bonus package if

you pick up this product!

Kind regards,

Stijn Desmet

admin of ''


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