-          You can start a home business

-          All in an industry with great demand

-          All with skills and tools many of us have at home

-          Keep it simple or make amazing products


Teds Wood Working shows you how you can make anything out of wood. This is without having to employ a business to help you or spend a great deal of money in getting what you want. This gives you the worlds largest collection of wood working plans that there is.

You get a detailed guide from A to Z with very simple “hold-you-by -the – hand” instructions. Its like having a master wood worker by your side. This will help guide you through every single project. It gives you a list of cutting materials and very detailed schematics.

The views are from all angles, so you have a clear understanding and know exactly what to do before you start. It is suitable for beginners and professionals alike.


You also get tutorials & CAD view planner. Plus 150 Woodworking videos 200 pages of tips and tricks to help you. In total 16,000 wood plans. All to help you get exactly what you need and want. 


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