·  Manage your IRA or personal trading account like a pro, because no one cares about your money more than you do.

·  Evaluate, track, and monitor, all the popular NYSE, AMEX, and Nasdaq stocks and ETF's

·  Seamlessly place & display TNT stocks & options trades directly on the charts.

·  Go from Idea to trade with a single click or use what-if scenarios for entry.

·  Proprietary Bulls ‘n Bears System that displays when equities/ETFs are bullish/bearish (includes customizable buy/sell signals)

·  Real-time intraday charts with customizable timeframes, daily, weekly, and monthly charts for in-depth analysis.

Track ‘n Trade is an award winning platform which helps streamline your trading experience, making it easier and faster to go from idea to trade.

Also, why pay expensive commissions on your stocks and options trading if you don't have to?

Our flat rate monthly trading plan allows you to trade as frequently as you'd like without racking up any commissions.

You heard that right - trade equities and options commission free* as much as you like for one low monthly rate.

TNT lets you quickly get in and out of trades with one-click-ordering, including advanced multi-leg option strategies. With visually stunning charts you can monitor and manage your trades, stops, and options strategies with precision each and every day.


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